• Sri Suparsih Fakultas Seni Pertunjukan, Institut Seni Indonesia Surakarta
Keywords: sindhenan, wangsalan, trep, gendhing


This research is based on the writer’s interest in the application of wangsalan texts (cakepan), which are an
element of sindhenan, in a way that is appropriate (trep) to the performance of a gendhing. The appropriate
(trep) application of wangsalan texts (cakepan) will support a better performance of the gendhing. The reason
for this is that it was found, after a detailed study, that wangsalan and gendhing can be synchronized by
applying wangsalan texts (cakepan) in the correct and appropriate (trep) way. The method used for this research
is qualitative and the steps included a library study and observation. The library study was carried out
by reading books and listening to cassettes. The observation included watching live performances of karawitan
and also direct involvement in a number of performances. Several categories of wangsalan texts (cakepan) in
sindhenan were found that could be matched with particular gendhing. These were wangsalan that were concerned
with names of flowers, plants, the solar system, and natural phenomena (water, wind, fire, stone, etc.).
These wangsalan texts (cakepan) in the sindhenan were applied to gendhing by matching the title and character
(rasa) of the gendhing performed. It can be concluded, therefore, that there is a need for specific classification
of wangsalan texts (cakepan) to facilitate the application of these texts in the performance of gendhing.
The researcher collected the wangsalan texts (cakepan) studied in this research from various oral and written
sources, and classified them according to the criteria determined by the researcher. Subsequently, these
texts were matched or applied to gendhing in accordance with the title or character (rasa) of the gendhing.